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    Shamin’s first post

    2011 - 01.11

    Finally! :D

    I apologize, my internet has been horrible lately so I haven’t had the chance to post.  I would post some pictures, but I know Mike is working on the Big Bear ones…so we can just wait to see those :) .

    Like he’s mentioned before, this site will be a compilation of our adventures (we hope to be taking many pictures to illustrate the adventures).  However, I do warn you that they will be VERY out of order.

    However, just so that I leave a mark on this site…this is currently one of my favorite pictures :

    Mike & his monkeys.

    Adorable huh? :) It will serve as a preview to our Disneyland shoot.  Those photos will be posted soon!  Thanks for the patience!

    - Shamin

    Upcoming adventures!

    2010 - 12.22

    January is looking like a pretty big month for me and Shamin.

    Back in late October, there was a special deal for Southwest Airlines. Without a destination in mind, we just picked a random spot on the map.

    Portland, Oregon. (more…)

    Our First Post!

    2010 - 12.15

    Hi Friends! Thanks for checking out our new site!  It’s been something Shamin and I have been thinking about doing for a long time (considering how short of a time we have been together).  Both she and I LOVE taking pictures, but we don’t get too many places to share it. After months of mulling around and thinking about, Shamin and I finally gave up just thinking about it and just went out and did it.  We have a bunch of photos saved up for this web site, so over the next few weeks, a lot of our posts will be of some of our adventures that might have taken place in the past! Please enjoy them and feel free to leave us plenty of love in the comment boxes at the end of each post!


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