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    Halloween!!! The awesomest costumes ever.

    2011 - 10.31

    Sorry about going dark on the interwebs these last few months.  Shamin’s busy with school and getting into school, and I’ve just started my new job.

    We’ve got a lot of things going on besides that as well.  Recently, I just ran a 10k for the Race for the Rescues.  Shamin would have came, but she was supposed to go to SF until she severely sprained her ankle.

    More importantly, it’s Halloween.  The one time of the year, a girl can dress as skanky as ever and not be judged negatively by her peers.  This year, Shamin and I decided to make our costume.  Shamin is a veteran in costume-making… if you don’t believe me, check out her facebook profile pix.  She’s been a Smarty, an AIM buddylist, and many more.  Me? my best work was when I pulled out the white V-neck and audaciously colored shorts with a masquerade mask of my brother.  That’s the extent of my costume making.

    So it was a thrill to be working with someone so creative and talented… someone who can also cut in a straight line and print legibly.. unlike myself.  We’ve been working on this costume since Friday night in preparation of a party thrown by LMFAO and Quest Crew, and I have to say… we have a good shot of winning the costume contest! It’s freaking awesome!!!

    So what do these costumes look like? Stay tuned tomorrow night on our Facebook page… we’ll post it there! =)

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