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    2011 - 06.03

    Shamin and I have been blessed to have amazing photographers as our friends/mentors/role models. For each of us young padawan’s, there is a Yoda teaching us of the Force. I’ve been fortunate to have an amazing friend/photographer in Erich Chen as someone who taught me pretty much everything I know about photography. Shamin has her own in her “Twin,” David Chu.

    If I had to sum up DChu and his style of photography, I would use the word refreshing. Like all good photographers, he has great vision and sound technical skills; but what separates him from most others is his ability take your breath away shot after shot (check out DChu’s last shoot with Shamin). Shamin, who has participated in a lot of shoots with her Twin, loves his constant progression, which you can notice as you go from album to album, a testament to his constant upward evolution as a photographer.

    For our shoot this past Memorial Day weekend, we checked out an abandoned, graffitied Nazi bunker reachable with a short hike through the Pacific Palisades. We didn’t have a particular theme in mind. I lugged around a somewhat-big whiteboard, carrying the dry-erase markers in my pocket for props—all of which we didn’t use. DChu, who picked us up out of Westwood carried his iPad2 in his camera bag. The result, probably the most fun I’ve had at a photo shoot!

    Check out the photos below or the bigger version here. (Flash player required)

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