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  • Big Bear Trip 2012!!!

    2012 - 04.22

    Big Bear Group Hug

    Hello! Many apologies…our coloring book has been put on hold since we’ve had many things come up in our lives, but now we’re back! Our next post will be about our most recent adventure in the cute and quaint town of Fort Collins, CO…but for now…please enjoy the photos from our 2nd annual Big Bear trip.

    This year’s trip was made up of an awesome group of friends, most of them connected somehow through Mike and I. By the end of the trip, we became one big happy family. A big thanks to Carrie, who took care of our feeding needs with a gourmet breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Also, many thanks to the drivers, Casey for his delicious curry, and every member of the trip who pitched in to help with cooking/cleaning and contributed to the awesome time everyone hopefully had.  A 6 bedroom cabin within two minutes walking distance to Bear Mountain, Dance Central and Halo battles, tri-level pyramids, snowboard and skiing fun, near-death double-black diamond experience (thank you Mike for emphasizing the necessity for a helmet), drunken night games, PJ night club with the girls and Erich, hot tub madness with the boys and Ama, and fun group shots…one of my favorite trips this year.

    Thanks everyone for a great trip! See you next year! <3

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