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  • Brenda and Hector’s Big Day | Sept. 4, 2010

    2010 - 12.15

    I was so excited when I heard the news that Hector and Brenda were getting married.  Hector is the brother of one of my best friends, Eric.  I would say awesomeness runs in their family.  Eric is one of my best friends for a very good reason and Hector is probably the guy I look up to as the Ideal Big Brother.  So when I found out that he was getting married with his high school sweetheart, Brenda, it would be an understatement that I was happy for them.

    Their big day took place at the Los Angeles River Center in East L.A.  I’ve never been there before, but Shamin was sort of familiar with the area because she has relatives who live near there.  After getting there, I got to meet Eric and Hector’s extended family –I’ve already met most of his immediate family.  Also there was Eric’s cousin, Mando (all three of us met in the dorms during freshman year at UC Riverside), who had brought my high school buddy Chloe as his date.  I am proud to say Shamin and I are the first of our friends to witness “ArChlo,” who have since been doing the whole relationship thing. =)

    It would be kind of cliche for me to say the wedding was beautiful so I will just let the photos Shamin and I took tell the rest of the story.

    Just some random mental notes I had about the wedding:

    • I need a new jacket. A wool jacket in California’s September heat is no bueno.
    • I got scolded by the professional photographer for being in a bunch of his photos.
    • I took an awesome photo of Shamin, where she looks like a chimp, but I didn’t post it because she’d beat me up.
    • On second thought, I think I’m going to get a beating just for bringing this up.
    • All the girls were really pretty that day. Shamin, of course, Chloe, Lindsay and of course, the Brenda, the Bride!
    • I felt really honored that I was invited.  Hector was telling me they had relatives who were angry at them because they didn’t get invited.
    • This is nothing new, but this is a testament that Eric is such a trooper.  While unloading a pallet of alcohol between the ceremony and the reception, the pallet fell and injured Eric’s leg.  He was able to carry on and dance with Lindsay throughout the night even with a noticeable limp.
    • Oh yeah, ArChlo, Shamin and I were like crack addicts for the cheese cube during the reception. Man, we had so much we couldn’t eat most of our dinner.
    • More info on their wedding via Project Wedding.

    That’s all I’ve got and I only have one more thing to add. Congrats again, Brenda and Hector!!!

    - Mike

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