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    2010 - 12.15

    When Shamin and I first started talking, we discovered that we both enjoyed photography.  Not that we were going to be professional photographers by any means, but we both really enjoyed taking photos.  It wasn’t long before we realized that we had to embark on epic photo adventures. But there was only one problem: We both work 9 to 5′s.  Well, I worked 9 to 5, and Shamin had the 8 to 4:40 schedule.  So it became apparent that most of our photo adventures were going to be on the weeknights or the weekends.

    The weeknight shoots were kind of a trick.  We had to find locations close to where we live. Not only that, they had to be cool locations.  And on top of that, they had to be cool enough even for night shots.  Pasadena was the first night shoot we did.  It was kind of a date.  We hit up Ichima, now our favorite restaurant, for the first time. Then we drove over to Old Town, parked and took some photos.  We walked along Colorado, into the back alleys, did some jumping photos, did some silly cheesy photos and dabbled in HDR.  Here are some of my favorite photos that we took on my camera.  Hopefully, Shamin *ahem* will log on and post the rest, including the awesome jumping photos.

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    5 Responses to “Pasadena Night Shoot”

    1. Ballabaco says:

      Awesome post – I like that you guys go on adventures, particularly epic photo ones. I must request that you two drive up to SF next year to expand your photo collection.

      Also… is it okay that I’m slightly irked that you don’t use Oxford Commas (I am aware that there a Vampire Weekend song about this)? Oxford Commas FTW! :D

      Half, it’s your turn to post something on RLCB.

    2. Richard Hsu says:

      Great Website. It’s added to my favorites! =) Love the work! Keep it up and post more often!

    3. angela. says:

      i love the photo of you two!!

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