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  • Epic Big Bear Cabin Trip! Day 1!

    2011 - 01.11

    Even though we’ve known each other before, it was snowboarding that actually got Shamin and I to start talking.  Around this time last year, Shamin had gone up to Mountain High to snowboard with a few of her friends. I was there with my brother and a few of my friends. I had seen Shamin get off a lift, and was convinced it was her. The only problem is that I’m always convinced I know somebody when I don’t. So, this time, I decided I wasn’t going to make a fool of myself and didn’t say hi.  The next day, after seeing Shamin’s Facebook status on how sore she was from snowboarding, I commented, saying I saw her the day before.  About a week or two later, we hung out for the first time… night time snowboarding.  Since the end of last snow season, we’ve been talking about putting together a cabin trip with a bunch of our friends. This is the product of our months of planning.

    Shamin found this amazing cabin close to Snow Summit.  It’s more of a house than anything. Anyhow, we started off expecting about 20 people, but after everyone who couldn’t make it left, we were left with 12.  Shamin and I were worried about the make up of the group because most of the people don’t know one another, but the more we looked at it, the more convinced we were that this was going to work.  It felt like we assembled an All-Star team of some of the coolest people we know.

    The big day came along this past Friday.  The plan was for my buddy and amazing photographer friend Erich to meet me at my house early in the morning, and we’d go pick up Shamin and her good friend/laughing buddy Sandi before heading out Big Bear.

    We arrived at Big Bear a few hours later (after making a pit stop at a very overrated Eureka Burger in Redlands, in which service was poor and food was mehhhhh).  The cabin itself was more of a house, but the house was definitely great.  Everything in it was relatively new and the hot tub outside was great. Outside, an elderly lady neighbor walked by, walking her three golden retrievers. I don’t remember the name of the dogs, but I remembered the youngest one being extremely playful and hyperactive and the old one, who was probably just as old as its owner in dog years, being really warm and friendly.

    Our car, aka FunVee, was the first one there.  After playing around in the snow for a bit, running to the store, coming back and playing some Guitar Hero and War w/ Clementines (an awesome game created by Sandi and Erich), we were joined by my buddy Casey, his girlfriend Amarilis and enough delicious chicken curry to feed godzilla for a week. Casey and Ama got started on snowmen renditions of one another on the picnic table outside almost immediately, and then later joined in the Jenga madness that was taking place inside.

    By around 9ish, the 6 of us were pretty exhausted and spent almost the rest of the night watching Modern Family until the rest of our party arrived to party!  The other 2 cars finally got to the cabin, and the rest of the night was spent curry-eating and Modern Family-watching.  We ended up crashing kind of early in preparation for snowboarding the next day.

    Stay tuned tomorrow for more photos and awesomeness!


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    1. Richard Hsu says:

      Sounds really Fun! I will definitely try to go next time! =)

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