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  • Shamin’s first post

    2011 - 01.11

    Finally! :D

    I apologize, my internet has been horrible lately so I haven’t had the chance to post.  I would post some pictures, but I know Mike is working on the Big Bear ones…so we can just wait to see those :) .

    Like he’s mentioned before, this site will be a compilation of our adventures (we hope to be taking many pictures to illustrate the adventures).  However, I do warn you that they will be VERY out of order.

    However, just so that I leave a mark on this site…this is currently one of my favorite pictures :

    Mike & his monkeys.

    Adorable huh? :) It will serve as a preview to our Disneyland shoot.  Those photos will be posted soon!  Thanks for the patience!

    - Shamin

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