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  • Epic Big Bear Cabin Trip! Day 2!

    2011 - 01.12

    Our second day began at 7:30 in the morning.  The plan was I’d take anyone who need to rent to go rent by 8, and we would start boarding by 8:30, but even the best laid plans of mice and men often goes awry, and ours was no different.

    Shamin and I got up and began making breakfast.  Scrambled eggs with cheese, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and mushroom; waffles; coffee and a variety of juice; and for some, Casey’s epically portioned and epically tasty curry.  By the time everyone was up and done with breakfast, however, it was already close to 9.  Those of us who had to rent didn’t quite make it to the slopes until close to 10 or 10:30ish.

    Once there, however, the fun began.  The group got sort of split up in the beginning. Casey took Ama up and disappeared.  We didn’t see them until the end of the day. Sandi took Erich, who was boarding for the first time.  Stephen, Chloe and Mando ended up going up together, and Anna and Shamin worked on carving together.  I was teaching Tiff, who was like Erich, a first timer. I’m actually pretty impressed with how fast Erich and Tiffany picked it up.  By the afternoon, we all (minus Casey and Ama) grouped up and came down the mountain together… until Stephen and I wandered from the group and just bombed the mountain down.

    As the day wound down, and we reconvened at the cabin, we started the cooking and the drinking.  Dinner consisted of pizza, Guac and chips, more curry, quesadilla and Eddy’s stuffing.  We also began playing a HUGE 12-person Apples to Apples game.  By the time we have declared a winner, most of us were pretty drunk and were easily coerced into going in the hot tub.  We squeezed about 10 of us in it under the starry skies. Pretty awesome experience.

    After what seemed like hours, we headed back inside, only to find out it was only 9 or 10 PM.  But we had a head start on the drinking and a few of us, *ahem* Anna and Jesse passed out on the couch.  The remaining few who were still awake, namely Shamin, Erich, Sandi, Stephen and yours truly played all sorts of icebreaker games- Contact123, BodyBang, and other games just like that- until a bit after midnight before calling it a night.

    - MIKE

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    1. Richard Hsu says:

      Richard Likes! Sounds very fun!

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